F2R Men's Sockeye Long John

The Sockeye is designed to complement efficient and fast swimming with sleek aquatic qualities. This suit is built with 5mm rubber thickness in the front chest and legs, and 3mm in the back shoulders. Escape transitions in effortless motion with our new flexible designed inner jersey. Feel the water with the sleeveless suit and still benefit from the buoyancy of the 5mm rubber in the chest. The Body • Blind-stitching and glued seams add to the aquatic like quality. • Inner jersey is a blend of nylon and polyester. • The weave is chosen for its unique quality of flexibility and friction-free movement making it the fastest wetsuit to get off. For The Feel • Swimmers who prefer “the feel” of the water against their arms as they press for lift enjoy the Sleeveless Sockeye. It is also a popular choice for warmer temperature events when a full might feel too warm.


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F2R Men's Sockeye Long John
F2R Men's Sockeye Long John

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