Both Stefan Laursen and Paul Lundgren have been involved with competitive sports and the outdoors their entire lives. After spending over 20 years competing in triathlons, cycling and swimming events, they both pulled together their knowledge and experience and decided to create a company that would provide wetsuits, apparel and equipment for lifestyle sport competitors of all levels. Paul and Stefan knew that they could manufacture, design and sell products that were high quality, at a lower price than most competitors. So, in 2006, Fit2Race, Inc., or F2R for short, was born.

You won't find a lot of extras when it comes to our products. At F2R, everything we do is with the sole purpose of making you go faster -- sleek lines and no unnecessary bells and whistles. The same goes for the way we sell our products -- no flashy advertising campaigns or packaging containing false promises. You won't even find our products in traditional retail stores and there's a good reason for that. We have a personal stake in every product that goes out the door and by selling our products directly through F2R rather than a middle-man; We are able to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. In fact, we encourage you to contact us at the email addresses below with any feedback -- good or bad -- about our products.

Whether you're a professional athlete or you're a complete novice preparing for your first race, our products will help you get there. We are here for you, Fit2Race.

Paul Lundgren & Stefan Laursen                                                            
Founders Fit2Race, Inc.